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Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Dock66 Motorcycle Parts

Authentic Seventies Cool with the ‘Cougar’

Dock66 Motorcycle Parts may be best known for its hard parts and accessories, but the company also offers dealers access to a riding gear program that includes branded products such as the ‘Cougar’ open face helmet seen here.

Owner Frank Muschalla says: “The ‘Cougar’ is a real classic for riders of choppers, bobbers, retro or vintage motorcycles. To offer a convincing and authentic, cool look, an open face helmet has to have a slim shape and minimalistic upholstery. Of course, for safety reasons the helmet should be ECE approved, and the ‘Cougar’ combines all these criteria.
“It is safe, being ECE 22/05 approved, and fits close to the head, just how an authentic 1970s style jet helmet should be.”
The outer shell is made of seamless ABS with a high level of protection. Lining is made from black, high-density EPS (Expanded Polystyrene).  A ‘klick’ fastener makes it easy to lock the strap of a goggle in place and the total weight is just 1,100 g.
The ‘Cougar’ is available in flat black, flat white, flat gold and olive green with a white stripe. Sizes from S to XXL. The helmet comes with three buttons to fix a visor or bubble visor. Matching bubble visors made from solid polycarbonate are also available at Dock66.