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Tuesday, 26 February 2019


Cycle-Rama M-8 Beehive Spring Kits Performance and Stock Compression Cam Profiles

We here at AMD Magazine were pleased to hear from Wes Brown of Cycle-Rama fame, at Pinellas Park, Florida, with news about his high performance valvetrain upgrades for M-8 engines.

Cycle-Rama valve spring kits feature super-clean, iron-based wire springs with a proprietary blend of chromium and silicon alloys. The beehive style valve spring will work up to .560 lift, has a coil bend of .900 and uses stock retainers and keepers.
Wes says that “because of the unique oval design the valve train can handle more rpm and more aggressive cam profiles. We have designed these springs to optimize frequencies, to create a spring with outstanding endurance and reliability.”
Also available are Cycle-Rama Viton valve stem seals for M-8s, with high temperature tolerant Viton sealing lips “for maximum control and durability through the entire RPM range.”

Cycle-Rama also has a new generation of more aggressive cam profiles that are designed to have a slow initial opening, then ramp up fast with slow closing. “This will help to stop reversion and start the flow sooner,” says Wes.

Wes Brown told AMD that “this cam was installed and tuned by Freedom Harley-Davidson of Canton, Ohio. It clearly shows where our CF460 cam for the M-8 is producing power – it pulls hard from 1650 to 5800 rpm and has been shown to make 124.32 ft. lbs of torque with a slip-on exhaust and hi-flow air filter”

“Doing this allows the set up to build more port velocity and faster cylinder fill. This gives the rider increased throttle response and more low-end torque without any loss of top end power. More power is produced over a wide rpm range, which will make the motorcycle accelerate through the gears much quicker.

“Our Cycle-Rama cams have a quiet valve train and work great with stock or ported heads. For stock compression our CR460 cam for M-8s pulls hard from 1650 to 5800 rpm and has been shown to make 124.32 ft. lbs of torque in a stock 107 with a slip-on exhaust and hi-flow air filter.”