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Wednesday, 20 February 2019


Cardo To Join Forces With JBL For High-End Communication System Audio

Cardo Systems continues its evolution as the leading wireless communication systems manufacturer for motorcyclists with a link-up with JBL - a division of the Harman Group and one of the most respected names in the top-end audio industry.

With embedded audio software technology developed by JBL specifically for Cardo at their Los Angeles audio labs, Sound by JBL now gives riders the highest standard of audio quality in Cardo’s latest generation of Packtalk communication systems, including the Freecom 4+, “establishing a new standard of audio quality for motorcyclists. Our collaboration with JBL will deliver a superior audio experience,” says Dr. Abraham Glezerman, Cardo’s founder and CEO.
“We have been relentlessly committed to enhancing our users’ joy of riding ever since pioneering the Motorcycle Bluetooth category back in 2004. This partnership is yet another powerful example of the innovation behind that ongoing commitment. JBL and its world-class audio solutions will allow us to bring our customers a new standard of sound for the best riding experience possible.”
After interviewing thousands of riders over the course of 15 years, Cardo Systems says it discovered that, collectively, the three things riders are most concerned about when looking for a communication device are performance, ease-of-use and sound quality.
Cardo can justifiably claim to have reinvented performance by introducing the next generation Dynamic Mesh Communication platform, improved ease-of-use with industry-first one-step natural voice commands and are now bringing premium audio to one of the most difficult sound quality environments imaginable.
Natural voice command operation allows riders to simply say “Hey Cardo” without having to press any buttons, and the always-on device reacts instantaneously. The big safety benefit: hands always remain on the handlebar, including activation of Apple’s Siri and “OK Google” by voice command.

The all-new Freecom 4+ combines JBL driven sound quality with Bluetooth based natural voice command operation and a razor-thin control wheel, available at a mid-range price point. The Dynamic Mesh technology that underpins the Cardo Packtalk concept allows up to 15 riders to join and leave communications and conversations with fellow riders over a distance of up to 5 miles without the network crashing and the riders needing to re-establish communications because it doesn’t use the conventional “cascade connection chain” technique.
Instead it is, quite literally, a “dynamic mesh” that allows any rider to join and leave at any time. It also features natural voice activation and JBL audio grade sound quality in a glove-friendly, ergonomic and aerodynamic package together with state-of-
the-art four-
way rider-to-rider, rider-to-passenger and single-rider intercom.
“We are excited to offer top-end technology at an affordable price point for the consumer,” says Glezerman. “With its best-in-class sound, truly natural voice operation and the innovative razor-thin wheel, Freecom 4+ underscores again our ongoing and firm commitment to developing the industry’s best solutions and providing consumers with communication systems that perform extremely well for virtually any riding style.”
Glezerman concluded by saying that “the Freecom 4+ is the best equipped and best performing Bluetooth communication system anywhere” - and it is hard to argue with that claim.
The Freecom 4+ and JBL equipped Packtalk products are expected to be ready for the US market in late 2019.