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Wednesday, 17 May 2017


OptiMate USB charging options – “Go, Go”, not “click, click!”

With USB charging of GPS, phone and camera having become an integral part of riding and long distance touring, riders often forget that many of the USB chargers that get used on bikes simply drain the battery down to ‘dead’ in no time at all. 

TecMate was the first to incorporate battery protection into their USB chargers, and it was a simple and obvious decision to take - there is no point in undoing the continuous good work that the OptiMate battery chargers are doing by letting the USB charger kill battery while out on the ride!
The updated OptiMate USB chargers include the O-100 SAE ‘stick’ charger capable of delivering 2.4A - powerful enough even for the latest smartphones with USB-C charge connector. The built-in microprocessor controlled battery protection prevents the battery from being discharged too low to start the vehicle, with the vehicle charging system voltage displayed on a 3 LED bar.
Two blue LEDs mean the charging system is working correctly, and that it is providing continuous USB charging power; one blue LED means the voltage has fallen below 13V Volts - either the bike is idling at the lights or it has been parked. USB charging is limited to 3 hours, then it shuts off, or if the red LED is lit, it cuts charging to the USB device immediately because the vehicle’s battery voltage has dropped below 12.3V (approximately 50% charge remaining in an AGM battery).
The OptiMate USB O-108 3.3A, the highly anticipated more powerful replacement for the OptiMate USB O-102, will have the same built-in technology and LED panel.
The popular O-105 DIN socket dual USB charger has the same battery protection technology, but indicates vehicle system voltage status in a single LED. If the blue LED is full on, the vehicle’s charging system voltage is normal and USB charge power is continuous. A flashing LED means that voltage has dropped lower (engine is off or idling) and a 3-hour time limit has been set. No light – no USB charging!