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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Maxima Racing Oils

V-Twin synthetic primary oil

Santee, California based Maxima Racing Oils has a range of drivetrain oil options to complement their popular engine oils.

V-twin Synthetic Primary fluid

Their V-Twin synthetic primary oil is a 100% synthetic motorcycle gear oil formulated for high performance transmissions and primary chain cases, designed for use in all 1984 and newer H-D models with wet diaphragm spring clutches. Maxima says that this “high-film strength gear oil provides excellent protection against shock loads, wear and offers smooth shifting under peak loads and rpms. 

V-twin Primary fluid

“The robust formula resists mechanical shearing and heat breakdown and protect gears from wear, deposits for trouble-free operation.”
Maxima also has a mineral based V-Twin primary oil with “extreme pressure additives and surface active chemistry” to protect against shock loads and allow smooth shifting under peak loads and rpms; a heavy duty 85w140 mineral based V-Twin trans/gear oil that is recommended for use in 4-, 5- and 6-speed high performance gear boxes; and a high-quality, mineral based V-twin Sportster gear/chain case oil formulated for high-performance transmissions and primary chain cases. 

Mineral based heavy-duty transmission and gear oil

Sportster Gear and Chain Case oil