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Tuesday, 21 February 2017


New brands and products from Zodiac

Cultured lighting options by Chopper Kulture
Designed by award-winning custom bike builder Mario Kyprianides of Chopper Kulture fame, these headlights, taillights and turn signals are fully E-approved and available in a selection of polished or black body and brass or polished bezel combinations.
The headlight has an outer diameter of 5” (125mm), is 4.8” (122mm) deep and comes with a headlight unit with a visible diameter of 3 5/8” (92mm). Made from billet aluminum in a polished, gloss black or flat black finish, with a matching aluminum or polished brass bezel, the bottom-mount bracket enables it to be installed on virtually all lower triple tree plates. 

The taillights are in billet aluminum in a polished, gloss black or flat black finish, with a matching aluminum or polished brass bezel; they are mounted with a single large bolt and bundled wiring by drilling two holes in the fender. They measure 2” (50mm) overall diameter and 2” (50mm) deep.
The turn signals utilize a variety of anodized finishes and blend a combination of aluminum and brass bodies with bezels normally found on much larger headlight trims; they measure 2 1/4” (57mm) long, 1 1/8” (28,5mm) deep and have a diameter of 27,6mm. They are a simple bolt-on install on almost any motorcycle. Sold in sets of two.


DEI flexible heat shields
Well known American thermal barrier and sound management specialist Design Engineering’s flexible heat shields feature a stainless steel bracket covered by the same materials used for their popular exhaust wrap; they are proven to block heat more effectively than conventional stamped metal heat shields.


S&S 100” and 110” Twin Cam ‘Power Packs’
These new S&S ‘Power Package’ Big Bore kits are a step-up from the usual configuration of their ‘Sidewinder’ Big Bore cylinder and piston packages for early Twin Cam 88s (as seen elsewhere in this edition of AMD Magazine) as they ship with matched cams, cam plate and oil pump. The TC 88” gets a bump to 100”/1,683cc, with the later 96 or 103 inchers going up to 110”/1,803cc. Kits include the 4" bore bolt-on cylinders with pistons and rings, as per the ‘Sidewinder’ kit, but also include choice of chain drive or gear drive Easy Start 585 camshafts, TC3 oil pump, TC3 cam plate, ‘Quickee’ adjustable pushrods with tubes, premium tappets and all required bearings and gaskets. Kits are available in silver and black powdercoat finish. Parts to fit 2006 Dynas are available separately; ‘99 thru ‘04 TCs will need an additional valve spring; pinion shaft run-out must be less than .003" to use gear drive cams.

Bitubo piggyback shocks
These Italian made high performance shock absorbers feature a “high resistance alloy steel housing,” nitrogen filled aluminum compensator reservoirs, hydraulic damping and 12mm steel damper rods, 12-step adjustable compression and adjustable spring preload. Available in tuned length fitments with chrome springs for selected FXR, Dyna, XL, V-Rod and Touring models.


Electronic box version G/G2
This new electronic box version G/G2 gives the option of routing just one sleek cable through the handlebars for a clean look. The handlebar switch cables connect to the small round transmitter, which slides inside the end of the handlebar; it converts the different signals so that they can all be sent to the receiver box through just one wire.
The receiver box is so small, it can be hidden anywhere on the bike. It connects to the wire harness and converts the signals which come from the transmitter back to the regular signals again - for turn signals, high and low beam, brake light and starter relay.
Additional functions include emergency flasher, adjustable self-cancellation, running light function for turn signals, choice of single combination start/stop button or separates, brake and rear light combination, neutral or side stand switch activation, eight status LEDs for overview and diagnostics.


“The Cure” main drive gear seal kit for 4-speeds
“The Cure” is a seal kit that will stop the oil leak from the main drive gear on Knuckleheads, Panheads and Shovelheads. The stable and reliable Harley-Davidson 4-speed transmission has been built for half a century, but the oil leak has always been an issue, because Harley designed the main drive gear spacer without a seal.
This state-of-the-art hardened two-piece stainless steel spacer features an additional Viton O-ring that permanently prevents oil leaking from between the spacer and the main drive gear. It can be installed easily without disassembly of the transmission as it is located just behind the main shaft oil seal. The kit replaces the spacer on all 4-speed transmissions from ‘37 through ‘77 and includes the spacer washer, spacer sleeve, Viton O-ring and detailed instructions.