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Tuesday, 7 February 2017


‘Reaper’ cams choices for Evo engines

Popular for years for Twin Cams, Californian performance parts specialist Feuling has now made ‘Reaper’ brand performance cams available for 1984 – 1999 Evo engines.

Three grinds – the 518s, the 543s and the 594s – are all said to “produce more power and torque in the riding rpm range, increasing throttle response, acceleration and fuel mileage.” Features of these USA made, dyno proven and track tested additions to the Feuling range include wide lobe separations for wide power bands, smooth camshaft lobe ramps that are easier on valve train components and eliminate excessive valve train noise and wear.
The 518s can be used with stock valve springs, pushrods and lifters and will also respond well with increased compression and cylinder head work and a performance exhaust and air cleaner. A direct bolt-in replacement for Evo engines, they deliver in the 1,650 - 5,500 rpm power range.
The 543s are recommended for (but not limited to) increased compression, cylinder head work and performance exhaust applications; increased compression is required for bottom end performance; performance lifters recommended, although not required, but they do require performance valve springs.
They deliver in the 2,200 - 5,950 rpm power range; will work with factory pushrods on engines with factory stack-up; if deck height, cylinders or rocker boxes have been modified from stock, then adjustable pushrods are required.
Finally, the 594s for a 2,500 - 6,400 rpm power range are the most aggressive grind offered. Performance exhaust and intake/air cleaner upgrades are also required, as are performance valve springs, performance lifters, adjustable pushrods, increased compression and cylinder head work.