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Tuesday, 28 February 2017


MID-USA adds products for 2017

Hazelwood, Missouri based distributor MID-USA has unveiled its new 2017 ‘En-Cycle-Pedia’ catalog after another busy 12 months - adding further to its extensive own brand range, many new accessory brands, and a slew of products for Harley’s 2017 M-8 Touring models.

At over 1,100 pages, their 2017 catalog includes many specialty products that prove that it is the details that matter as well as the big ticket items - often the hard-to-source items that aren’t needed often make the catalogs from long established distributors such as MID-USA so invaluable for OEM dealers independent custom shops.
For 2017 additions include stock replacement, upgrade and custom electrical, frame and body items, front end components and set-ups, controls, wheels, exhausts, shocks, complete drivetrains and parts, engine components and fuel system parts.