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Tuesday, 7 February 2017


HAVOC/ WILD WEST collaboration launches 124 SS

The latest result of the collaboration between Havoc Motorcycles of Canada and Buckner, Kentucky based Wild West Motorcycles, is the ‘Havoc 124 SS’, unveiled at this year’s V-Twin Expo – an S&S 124ci (2,032cc) rubber mounted Bagger with a 180 rear tire, Rivera Primo 6-speed transmission and BDL (Belt Drives Limited) primary.
The motorcycle’s hand-crafted frame is CNC laser-cut and TIG welded “in the latest in frame engineering technology to stretch out to a comfortable 70” wheelbase,” says Havoc Motorcycles’ President Dr Jarrod Wiener. 

Jarrod Wiener (left), President of Havoc Motorcycles in Canada, with Jim Winn of Wild West Motorcycles, Kentucky, and their new S&S 124ci engined Bagger featuring “recognized top quality American-made component brands such as S&S Cycle, Hawg Halters, BDL and Rivera”

“Its aggressive front end, raked to 38 degrees, features a 26” contrast-cut wheel at its leading edge, beautifully accented by a sporty chin spoiler. The Havoc 124SS offers modern bagger styling with lines inspired by the iconic Wild West Gunfire pro-street model,” he went on to explain. “It’s hard to stop looking at it, but it was designed to be a rider’s bike.”
Gas-charged Progressive Suspension provides a sporty feel, while powerful 6-piston differential bore Hawg Halters (HHI) calipers and dual 13” brake rotors make for safe, reliable, responsive, fade-free braking.
“We use exclusively components that are among the best quality, best known and best engineered USA-made parts in the industry, without compromise,” said Wiener. “There is some concern in the marketplace today that customers won’t be able to find replacement parts for certain brands of motorcycles. Every component on a Wild West - Havoc motorcycle comes from manufacturers who command extremely high levels of consumer confidence and respect for their longevity and durability. Our motorcycles can be serviced by any competent V-twin technician.”
Quality extends to the steel braided hoses and lines and billet CNC-machined accessories, all of which come standard. “We won’t send you a parts catalog when you get the bike home. You’ll be hard pressed to find anything to upgrade on the bike,” added Wiener.
Like all Havoc and Wild West motorcycles, the 124SS is a hand-made “production custom” motorcycle with a 17 digit VIN, listed in the NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association) “Red Book” for ease of financing and insurance, and to protect the owners’ investment. “The value proposition? Simple: design beauty, build with quality, and back it up with a 24-month warranty,” says Jim Winn, CEO of Wild West Motor Co, speaking to the philosophy that has seen him stay in business when many others have fallen by the wayside and see close to 5,000 Wild West branded motorcycles sold and ridden real miles in the past three decades.
“With this model, we’re marking 2017 as the 30th anniversary of Wild West Motor’s continuous production of motorcycles,” said Jim. “We’re designing, developing and building with the passion of a new company, and with the wisdom of a long-established one. It’s never been more exciting.”
And there is special pricing on this model: to mark the 30th anniversary, the first 30 examples of the 2017 Havoc 124SS will be offered at the special introductory price of USD $45,000, direct from the factory.