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Thursday, 5 February 2015

S&S Cycle

143 reasons to be cheerful

Following the launch of one of the largest volume production aftermarket engines ever seen, S&S is unveiling the 'DRAGON143' - the torquey tourer that will showcase the 162 bhp beast on the dragstrip...

The unforgiving ten seconds of truth that awaits the latest "Proven Performance" demonstrator to emerge from the Viola 'skunk works' - a 'bagger' that features S&S Cycle's new T143 45 degree v-twin, a 162.1 bhp/151.6 ft/lb of torque beast that the company are billing as the "Biggest & Baddest" bolt-in yet offered as a volume production unit.
First seen late last year, the T143 is aimed at experienced owners/riders for who available bolt-in options haven't kept pace with the evolution of the 'Bagger' market.
The positioning of the engine by S&S is predicated on the demand for a bolt-in option that delivers adrenaline and distance in equal measure. An engine that answers a disconnect that has emerged between the capability of the chassis and the power available to it from existing powerplants without going down the exotic or custom engine route.
The T143 isn't a replacement for the T124 in the S&S Cycle range, but rather it is an additional or alternative option for touring riders who think "too much is just about right" as S&S Vice President of Product Development Scott Sjovall eloquently put it. "At double the hp of a stock engine, the power of the T143 clearly isn't going to be to every rider's taste, but there is no question that there is now demand for a larger displacement option."

Assembled by Dan Kinsey, left, and Gene Dlask, S&S repaced the stock belt drive with a Rivera Primo 3" open belt primary, installed a "massive" clutch and used a T-Man Performance chain drive conversion kit with a race-proven X-Ring D.I.D chain

In preparation for the formal unveiling of the T143 at this year's V-Twin Expo, S&S have been preparing a custom bike based on the T143 - "Project Dragon" - to showcase the engine's power and performance on the dragstrip later this year.
"Our goal was to build a bike totally focused on performance. All the components we used to build the 'Dragon' allow us to harness and exploit the massive power of that T143 engine.
"If it doesn't help us go fast, stop fast or handle better, then it is not on this bike!"
The T143 is a genuine bolt-in for stock Harley bagger frames, but making over 160bhp at the rear wheel and some 151lb/torque means that a lot of the stock components just aren't going to cut it.

Naturally, the drivetrain needed some more beef, so S&S added a Rivera Primo 3" open belt primary, a huge clutch, and we converted to chain final drive.
There's a special S&S exhaust system that the company sell for the T143, that bolts right up to the special application B3 cylinder heads, and those heads are one of the main reasons this engine makes so much power.
"We're looking to hit low tens or even high nines at the drag strip, so to help us do that we installed super-light carbon fibre wheels (South African made BST items from Brock's Performance), better brakes (dual Brembo 4 piston radial calipers, Speed Merchant 13" radial caliper mounts, and Lyndall 13" ceramic rotors) and an air shifter (Pingel). We made the chassis more rigid and we fabricated a couple of special things that we're not saying anything about yet ... maybe at the show!" says Dean Young, Events Manager and Project Dragon lead.
The 'Dragon143' was built by two o

f the best 'wrenches' in the S&S R&D department, Dan Kinsey and Gene Dlask - who are both land speed records holders in their own right.
The donor bike is a brand new 2015 Road Glide bought from Reel Brothers H-D at Mauston, Wisconsin. The chain drive conversion is based on a kit from T-Man Performance using a D.I.D. Pro Street X-Ring 530 VX that S&S sourced from Drag Specialties.
The suspension is by Ohlins (front cartridge kit, rear adjustable drag shocks, steering stabilizer) with a Glide Pro engine stabilizer kit.
Klock Werks of Mitchell, South Dakota, provided the handlebar kit and a 'Windwhield' windshield. The seat is an 'Aviator' design by LePera.
In addition to the T143 2-1 black exhaust, S&S also used an oil line install kit of their own, Siemens 80lb High Z injectors from Racetronix, Power Commander 5 from Dynojet, and for the throttle body they used one of their own 70mm induction kits... correct, that is not a 'typo', 70mm of air to power the Dragon's lungs!