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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Avon Grips

Avon expands grip line

AVON Grips has expanded its product line with the introduction of both heated grips and grips for use on new Indian motorcycles.
Avon Grips is now producing its Caliente heated grips for H-D and Victory applications and will have them available for Indian models shortly. The Caliente grips feature heating elements between the throttle and clutch side sleeves, are wired internally on the bike’s bars, and compatible with ’08-newer touring bikes with electronic throttles. A rocker style controller is used for the heat control which has
HI/OFF/LO settings. 

The Caliente heated grips are available in most design models that Avon Grips produce.
For ’14 and later Indian motorcycles Avon Grips is already producing aftermarket grips that have a new throttle and clutch side tube for the unique handlebars, and throttle-by-wire controls developed by Polaris for the bikes. The oversized bars step down to a 7/8in under the grips, which is different to all American touring bikes and most metric models. Avon currently produces three base model grips, as well as many variations for Indian fitment. 

Kingwood, Texas, USA
Tel: 281 358 6738