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Thursday, 5 February 2015


New lines from NAMZ

NAMZ is not only celebrating 15 years in business, but is also working to integrate the Badlands product line. Following NAMZ’s acquisition of Badlands a year ago, a new website has been launched, which includes the option to buy online and download new color-coded installation instructions and wiring schematics. In addition to this change NAMZ has also released its IHL-04, since the module separates the brake functionality from the rear turn signal output. 

The Badlands module from NAMZ for 2014 model H-Ds allows users to run amber turn signals

A second Badlands module for 2014 model Harleys is a plug-n-play unit that enables customers to have left and right only turn signals, running and brake lights along with license plate illumination and a ground wire. It also allows users to run amber turn signals, and a new product that has come to market as a result of the Badlands purchase is the NAMZ’s NCBH-01-A, a complete bike harness. It is said to be easy to install, and comes complete with color-printed instructions and all parts needed to wire any non-fuel injected bike. OEM color matching wire, full size starter relay and socket, 3-ATO protected circuits and a self-canceling/run, brake and turn signal module are included with the harness. 

NAMZ’s NCBH-01-A is a complete bike harness to wire any non-fuel injected bike

Completing the latest round of new product releases from NAMZ are the company’s ILL-VIC-01 and ILL-VIC-02 Badlands modules for Victory motorcycles. The ILL-VIC-01 fits ’09-‘15 Jackpot, Hammer, Vegas, Kingpin, Highball, and Gunner models. The ILL-VIC-02 fits ’11-‘15 Judge, Boardwalk, Cross-Country, Cross-Roads and Magnum models. The new modules are virtually plug-n-play and enable customers to have running light, brake light and turn signal functions on the rear turn signals, which only operate as turn signals from the factory. Customers will need to switch to red lenses on incandescent models or switch to red LEDs.

Victory riders can use a Badlands module to have running light, brake light and turn signal functions on the rear turn signals

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