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Thursday, 5 February 2015

James Gaskets

James Gaskets’ Foamet and DL-Style gaskets

JAMES Gaskets has a line of Foamet gaskets and DL-Style molded seals available for use with clutch derby covers and primary chain inspection covers.

The DL-Style seals are made using a mild steel core that is fully encapsulated with a high-temperature rubber that is impervious to oils. The stiff metallic core and raised beading are said to provide exceptional torque retention and a sealing across the entire range of aftermarket and factory covers. Additionally, warped and pitted covers benefit from the conformable sealing face engineered to both the front and back of the gaskets, which are available for all models from ‘65 to present.

The Foamet gaskets are also available for all models 1965 and later for use on the inspection cover and derby cover applications, along with a wide range of gaskets for outer primary cover, transmission, and engine applications. The cross-linked nitrile synthetic rubber is chemically blown to create a soft, conformable layer that is permanently bonded to the SAE 5052 H38 aluminum core. When installing the Foamet gaskets, the foam will compress expelling the nitrogen gas formed during the creation of the foam structure providing excellent torque retention sealability.
The Foamet gaskets and DL-Style seals require no additional sealants and release cleanly from all mating surfaces eliminating the need to clean away old gasket material from castings and covers. All iterations of derby cover gaskets eliminate the need for the factory-style O-rings and molded rubber seals.

Dayton, Nevada, USA
Tel: 775 246 2220