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Thursday, 5 February 2015


Marketplace Events Announces Consumer Motorcycle Show Series Launch for 2016

The Marketplace Events (MPE) Motorcycle Group, producers of the American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo) at Orlando in October each year, has announced that it plans today to produce a new series of events directed at motorcycle and powersports consumers.
The shows will be timed to promote 2016 model year products, and "will focus on experimental elements and attracting new riders" according to the company, with locations and dates to be announced "soon".


“Since our earliest research on the viability of the AIMExpo launch (a combined trade/consumer platform new to North America), we’ve been continually asked by key industry players when we would produce a series of consumer-only events,” said Mike Webster, President of MPE’s Motorcycle Group.

“Their message has been clear and consistent: the market is underserved from a consumer show perspective. Industry marketeers are looking for a more responsive and engaging platform – something welcoming to traditionalists and attractive to new riders. We have no doubt the experimental elements we’re planning will excite all members of our community.”

“In a way, our name (Marketplace Events Motorcycle Group) tells a great tale as we move into the consumer-only arena,” said Larry Little, VP and General Manager of the Motorcycle Group. “Marketplace Events is the largest producer of high-end consumer home and garden shows in North America. The company is deep with experience in consumer event marketing and production – so much so that it has posted double-digit growth since 2009, despite the recession.

"The Motorcycle Group is deep with experience in the motorcycle and powersports industry. In fact, Mike Webster was a key member of the team who 30+ years ago launched the Great American Motorcycle Shows that pioneered the idea of a nationally promoted series of regional consumer motorcycle shows.”

Tom Baugh, CEO of Marketplace Events stated, “In addition to the new energy our company will bring to the consumer motorcycle series, we’re prepared to put a motorcycling-friendly message before our 1.5 million annual visitors at over 40 other MPE shows. We’re serious about getting new eyeballs exposed to both the recreational and transportation benefits of motorcycling. It was always our intention with the creation of the Motorcycle Group to bring new products to this market.”