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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

James Gaskets

Gaskets for Victory Motorcycle models by James

RECOGNIZED as the industry leader for high quality gaskets for Harley-Davidson motorcycles for 35 years, James Gaskets is producing a line of gaskets for another American v-twin, the Polaris Victory.

The line includes primary covers, primary inspection covers, cam gear covers and cam chain tensioners as well as O-rings for the primary derby covers and oil seals for the shifter shaft. 
All of the gaskets and seals are available individually or assembled in a complete kit for primary cover and cam chain inspection and service.
The gaskets are made using a foam-covered aluminum material that provides excellent torque retention and a superior seal over a wide range of surface conditions.  All of the gaskets have a strategically placed bead design to address potential fluid leak paths. 
The foam covered material is made from SAE 5052 H38, aluminum coated on both sides with high-temperature foamed rubber that conforms very well to uneven surfaces, reducing flange distortion and yielding excellent compression and recovery properties, according to the company. 

Service technicians will also appreciate the easy release characteristics of this material.  Unlike fiber materials, the foam-covered aluminum material will not adhere to the flanges, making disassembly easy and eliminating the need to scrape away material bonded to the castings.
Made from top quality materials, and manufactured with the same high standards that James Gaskets has been known for over the decades, all of the gaskets are manufactured in the United States at the James Gaskets factory in Dayton, Nevada.

Dayton, Nevada, USA
Tel: 775 246 2220