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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

AIM Corp

AIM VP-SDR clutch for 2015 Low models

AIM Corp is claiming to be the first to market with its new clutch for ’15 Ultra Limited Low and Electra Glide Ultra Classic Low models, which features a new sliding lock- up system. The sliding weights in the unit are said to create 120-130lbs of extra clamping pressure at 4,000rpm, which equates to 40 percent more clamping force.

The new design not only fits behind stock, 103 and 110 derby covers, with no modification, but also inside the narrower primary cover used on the new 2015 ‘Low’ models and ’13 and up Tri-Glide and CVO models.

AIM’s VP-SDR clutch is said to be 30 percent lighter during low rpm, is capable of handling up to 105ft lbs of torque with the orange spring installed, and bolts onto the Screamin’ Eagle Twin Cam performance Assist and Slip (A&S) clutch kit.

Huntington Beach, California, USA
Tel: 714 848 3030