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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Hawg Halters Inc.

Hawg Halters big wheel options

HAWG Halters Inc. used Daytona Bike Week to debut its 2015 Road Glide project bike, which showcases the company’s X23 triple trees. The new triple trees have been designed specifically to allow a 23in wheel to be bolted on to ’14 and ’15 Touring models with 49mm fork tubes. 

Along with the new triple trees, the project bike has also been fitted with HHI’s 49mm billet lower legs, which are available in a choice of black or chrome, in single or dual disc configurations, FLR one-piece steel wrap around fenders, Hell Razor handlebars, and 13in HHI bolt-on six-piston caliper conversions with matching Renegade brake rotors. A full range of Renegade wheels in 21, 23, 26 and 30in sizes, in chrome or Phantom Cut, are also available from HHI to complete the front end conversions.
In order to make big wheel conversions easier, HHI has now put together a selection of ‘Builder’s Kits’ for 23in, 26in, 30in and 32in applications that include everything a dealer needs for a custom build.

The ‘Builder Kits’ feature a range of parts, depending on a customer's preference. Options include HHI triple trees such as X23, or a complete neck rake kit for 23in, 26in, 30in and 32in, and both long and short neck configurations that include triple tree and neck rake components. In addition the kits feature US-made, one-piece steel wrap fender kits, brake lines, HHI bolt-on calipers and true floating brake rotors in HHI designs or Renegade Wheel matching designs in 11.5in, 11.8in, 13in and 18in sizes.
HHI also has developed for builders the opportunity to order a custom 18in true floating brake rotor and caliper package to match one-off custom wheels. In addition, a full range of Renegade wheels, complete with mounted tires, and pre-assembled complete Touring bike front ends with either AirFX shocks, Progressive inserts or stock suspension to finish off the kit options.