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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Ross Tomas - our friend

Ross Tomas - our friend

Like everyone who knew him and his parents, all of us here at AMD Magazine were deeply saddened by the recent news about the death of a very special young man.
Ross Tomas, the son of 'Kiwi' Mike Tomas and Carolyn Tomas, was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident on July 22nd, in Riverside, California (outside Los Angeles).
We became friends with Ross because for many years he used to travel with his parents to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and work and 'hang out' with us at the AMD World Championship for the week.

Ross Tomas (left), seen here at the AMD World Championship at Sturgis with
his mother Carolyn and father Mike

We used to love having him as a part of our team, we used to enjoy his company and friendship immensely.
His father, of Kiwi Indian Motorcycle fame, as an ever present competitor at the Championship, and Ross was a hard working, energetic and witty young man with bags of good attitude and enthusiasm.
We here at AMD all have our fond memories, the cameo moments on which his personality is indelibly stamped, but at this time our hearts and minds go out to his parents.
Ross leaves them with a gap in their lives that can never be filled, but with an albeit far too short lifetime of memories and love that can never be taken away.

God bless.