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Friday, 8 August 2014


"Failsafe design" steady-roll tappets
PERFORMANCE V-twin engines require more valve lift than stock designs, and this increases the load on the tappet roller, which can lead to failure.
Tappet roller failure can cause broken needle rollers allowing the tappet roller to deform, causing cam lobe damage. In addition, pieces of the hard rollers, as well as debris from the cam can easily contaminate other parts, such as cam plates, bearings, oil pumps, and other tappets. 

In order to prevent such catastrophic damage happening JIMS has begun manufacturing tappets where the needle rollers are replaced with a special bronze alloy bushing.
JIMS has invested in new machinery that controls the hydraulic unit fitment tolerance within .00015in. The company says that this new failsafe design means even if the bushing wears out, it will be initially retained in the tappet assembly.
The new JIMS Powerglide Steady roll tappets are available for use on all Twin Cams, Sportsters ’00-onward, and Buell ‘00-onward (except 1125R.) 

Camarillo, California, USA
Tel: 805 482 6913