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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

CTEK Power Inc.

MXTS 40A charger

CTEK has launched its MXTS 40, which it describes as a powerful smart charger and battery support unit that can provide up to 40A, to meet the demand for fast charging and battery support from workshops and showrooms.
The MXTS 40 offers rapid charging with a powerful eight-stage charger providing optimum charging in the shortest possible time, and has selectable modes for all battery types including calcium, gel and AGM (including start/stop types) to ensure that a safe, fast charge is delivered meeting the needs of the individual battery type.
The MXTS 40 also provides a range of highly accurate constant voltage settings to avoid ECU damage due to voltage fluctuation during programming. It can supply up to 40A of clean and constant current, protecting against disruption to the diagnostic process with a voltage range of 13.6 – 14.8V.

The user interface provides information through the unique CTEK eight-step charge progress indicator LEDs which are complemented by an additional LED display that gives read-outs of important charge parameters including current, voltage and amps charged.
A CTEK spokesman said: “There is ever increasing demand for chargers capable of providing powerful battery support when flash programming work is being undertaken. There is also a great need for a safe and versatile charger with the ability to deliver a rapid charge for both workshop and showroom applications. With powerful and quick charging capability and great functionality, the MXTS 40 meets these requirements perfectly, making it an essential piece of equipment for the workshop or showroom.”

Twinsburg, Ohio, USA
Tel: 330 963 0981