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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

BC Battery Controller

Digital multi-language battery chargers

FORELETTRONICA, the Italian manufacturer behind the BC Battery Controller brand, has introduced a new series of “smart, digital” battery chargers and testers featuring an LCD display and selectable languages. The range includes their BC BRAVO, BC 3500 EVO and BC 9000 EVO. 

The backlit LCD display digital voltmeter helps the user follow every step of the charging and testing process. All the BC chargers automatically execute a microprocessor-driven 8-step charging algorithm, offering the opportunity to check the battery’s state of charge and cranking power, as well as the function of the alternator.
BC chargers are 100 percent made in Italy, and Forelettronica say that their technology represents a “complete solution for car and motorcycle battery care, allowing recovery and reconditioning of deeply discharged batteries and recharge, desulfate and maintain all kinds of 12V lead-acid batteries, including gel, sealed and AGM start & stop batteries”.
The company says that the charger can remain connected to the battery indefinitely, with no risk and no need to disconnect it from the vehicle. Languages can be selected from English, French, Italian, German or Spanish, and the package includes a waterproof battery cable and insulated clamps.

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