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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Erik Buell Racing

EBR introduces new 1190SX ‘Superfighter’ sportbike

FOLLOWING the successful launch of the acclaimed 1190RX superbike, Erik Buell Racing (EBR) has introduced the EBR 1190SX, described by the company as "a true naked streetfighter-style sportbike with uncompromised Superbike race-bred performance and handling".
Sharing the 1190RX’s V-twin engine (rated at 185 crankshaft horsepower and more than 136 Nm of torque) the 1190SX is said to deliver "the highest performance available in the streetfighter category".

EBR founder and Chief Technical Officer Erik Buell is described as being no stranger to streetfighter-style sportbikes, having defined the category in production manufacturer terms with the introduction of the S1 Lightning in 1995.
In what may be a sideswipe at the recent unveiling of a 'Roadster' design concept by BMW, Buell says that “the streetfighter classification, which was so revolutionary when we first came to market, is now being used by marketing people for all sorts of motorcycles, including some thinly-disguised standard bikes that have de-tuned or obsolete powertrains. So, perhaps the appropriate new name for a bike like the 1190SX is ‘Superfighter’."
The company goes on to say that "with so many components carried over from the EBR 1190RX Superbike, the 1190SX is a genuine high-performance motorcycle with a racing heritage. True to its ‘streetfighter’ designation, however, the 1190SX is designed to be a dominating street machine. 

"Featuring an athletic upright riding position and wider handlebars for nimble handling, and minimalist bodywork for lower weight, the 1190SX is equally at home carving canyons on the open road or taking on the concrete canyons of the city. As with all EBR sportbikes, the 1190SX features many Erik Buell signature innovations to optimize handling and performance, such as fuel in the frame for lower weight and centralized mass, hubless wheels and perimeter brake rotors for lower unsprung weight, and EBR’s proprietary Controlled Swirl Induction (CSI), which improves power and fuel economy, while lowering exhaust emissions".

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