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Tuesday 18 February 2020

Motorcycle Storehouse

Motorcycle Storehouse Additions

M-8 High Volume Oil Pump

This replacement high volume oil pump for M-8 air/oil cooled models features a larger feed and return gerotor assembly, rear cover and relief valve and spring. It improves feed by +126%/123% and scavenge +131%/146% at 1,000 rpm/2,500 rpm compared with the OEM 4th generation M-8 pumps. Ready to install and complete with instructions, it is available for '18-'19 Softail and '17-'19 Touring (excluding the water cooled models).

Motion Pro - New Tools

Californian specialist Motion Pro (the official cables, controls and tools vendor to the AFT race series) continues to release a seemingly continuous flow of labor savers and new ideas for V-twins of all ages. Seen here is a tapered steering head race puller designed for 47 to 52 mm OD races, a steering head race driver for 41-42, 47-48, 51-52 and 55-56 mm OD races, and a new shock bearing puller that removes and installs 24 mm OD bearings.
To remove stubborn dowel pins from crankcases and transmission cases, the kit seen here includes 8, 10, 12 and 14 mm pin collets (with 12.5, 13.8, 17, 19 and 21 mm separately available) that allow for strong clamping of dowel pins, as well as a puller rod for stuck pins, and a slide hammer attachment for those really, really stuck pins!

Roeg 2020 Helmet Collection

The Roeg Moto Co. 2020 helmet collection includes the retro styled, handfinished, ECE approved full-face Peruna helmets and revered open-face Jets - "now available in no less than twenty happy, shiny colors (yes, black can be happy too!). Whether you're a 'Hot Jalapeno Green' kinda guy or a 'Flaming Red' gal, you'll be sure to stand out from the grey and gloomy clones."

Knipex Pliers

German tool manufacturer Knipex is an established plier specialist noted for the "finest quality available for the professional market. At this level, quality outweighs pricing, and even for a non-professional, the feeling of a quality tool stays when the higher price is long forgotten."
Originally founded as a forge in 1882 and still in 4th generation family ownership, everything from design to final manufacturing is done in-house at the Knipex facility in Wuppertal, Germany. Product offerings include a wide range of pliers, as well as wire strippers, crimping tools and VDE (Verband der Elektrotechnik) insulated pliers that conform to IEC 60900DIN, EN 60900 and VDE 0680. These VDE approved tools are individually tested at 10,000V and ensure safe working up to 1,000 volts.