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Tuesday 4 February 2020

DC V-Twin Performance

M-8 High Flow Injectors

Known for enhancing the performance of Harley-Davidsons with its engine performance packages, in April this year we featured new direct bolt-in M-8 cams from Derek Churchwell's DC V-Twin Performance - cams that Derek said deliver almost a 25% gain in horsepower and 20% torque gain when coupled with an aftermarket exhaust and air cleaner.

The latest news from the Perry, Georgia based specialist is now offering high flow injectors for M-8 applications. These injectors provide a fuel delivery rate of 6.2 gps (grams per second) or 49.2 lbs per hour compared to the stock flow of 4.1 gps. This is an increase of well over 40% increased flow, "they are a must for Big Bore upgrades like the 124 and 128 ci packages we are doing for the stock 107 and 114 inchers," says Derek.
"These injectors are a direct replacement bolt in for all Milwaukee 8 engines.  If you are thinking of going to a bigger bore, porting heads or installing a larger throttle body then these injectors are what you need to get the job done."