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Tuesday 18 February 2020

BS Battery

HD Connect Compatible SLA 'MAX' - Power for the Biggest of Big Inchers

Paris, France headquartered BS Battery has three battery options available for a wide selection of Harley applications - an OE replacement, an Upgrade and an UPGrade+.
Speaking at EICMA (Milan) recently, owner Benjamin Sebban told AMD that "this isn't just a standard good, better and best offer, because even our OE replacement has improvements over the stock Harley battery it replaces. This is a Better, Excellent and Outstanding menu of power options that can get even the biggest inch engines started, time after time, and keep them running smoothly and reliably."

The 12V BS BTX14L MF (Maintenance Free - also called a VRLA battery/Valve Regulated Lead Acid) is more than a simple OEM replacement. It is a sealed battery with "gas recombination" technology, which brings less maintenance with no water refilling needs. These batteries are supplied with an acid pack and would be activated by filling the acid before first use.
The AGM construction (Absorbed Glass Mat) uses saturated absorbent glass (boron silicate) mats between the plates instead of a gelled or liquid electrolyte. It has up to a 12.6 Ah capacity (20 Hr), delivers 200 cold cranking amps, reduced plate sulfation, a higher life cycle (up to three times longer than conventional batteries), longer voltage hold and increased power and is maintenance-free because it does not need water refilling.
Suitable for cold weather use, because it is sealed after filling, under normal operation there is no gas emission through the venting hole. 

The 'Excellent' in the BS range (the Upgrade battery option) is the ready-to-start 12V, 200 cold cranking amp BTX14L - SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) - a brand new 'Factory-Activated' line that is said to be  maintenance-free, non-spillable and ready to install with zero gas emissions and extended life.
Also an AGM and VRLA battery type, it offers multi-positional fitment versatility due to its environmentally friendly, spill-proof design, extreme vibration resistance, increased power and extended life.

At the top of the range, the 'Outstanding' option is the Upgrade+ BTX14HL SLA 'MAX' 'Factory-Activated' AGM/VRLA that delivers 220 cold cranking amps with up to a 14.7 amp hours capacity (20 Hr).
Featuring increased power, extreme vibration resistance, maintenance-free, spillproof, multi-positional fitment, extended life low discharge rate, and - the 'MAX' is HD Connect compatible. All three options are OEM homologated.