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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Zodiac International

New brands and products from Zodiac

Italian made MCJ adjustable exhausts

Zodiac International has added these new adjustable E-approved MCJ brand slip-ons made in Italy by Jose Marini. The adjustable exhaust valve allows you to tune the sound of the bike, but then return it to the stock, legal settings. These exhausts come complete with a manually operated adjusting lever that can be installed on the handlebar or below the tank. Electrically operated adjusting motors with a key fob style remote control are available as an option.
They are available as slip-ons in chrome or black, with additional end cap styles for Harley Street models, Sportsters, Dynas, Softails, V-Rods and Touring models; (2-into-1s also available for selected models).

Aquatic Factory replacement stereos for Tourers

Now available from Zodiac, this “high-end” plug and play replacement for the OEM stereo on 1996 thru 2013 Touring models fits the OEM mounting location and installs with the OEM wiring harness, including handlebar controls.
These units are IP55 rated, fully waterproof and feature detachable face plates that cover a compartment big enough to store a Smartphone up to the size of a Samsung Galaxy Note or iPhone 6 Plus. Both the standard and DeLuxe versions support Bluetooth and MP3, have AM with 12 presets and FM radio with 18 presets, USB device charging, a 3” screen, a powerful 288 Watt amplifier, 3.5mm stereo jack and stereo pair RCA inputs, Bass/Treble and Balance/Fader.
The Standard version has a monochrome DOT matrix LCD display; the DeLuxe version has a full color screen with album artwork display and direct connection options for iPhone and iPod. Additional features include USB input, iPod and iPhone navigation, DSP EQ and loudness control, plus a light in the storage compartment.

Extended XL and Dyna mid-controls 

These kits position the feet 2” (5cm) further forward than the stock mid-mounts. Installation retains the original equipment or accessory pegs, brake and shift linkage. The kits contain left and right foot peg mounting brackets, brake and shift lever and installation hardware and are available in chrome or black.

Engine Equator for Dynas and Tourers

The Engine Equator allows correction of chassis misalignment on all Dyna and 2009 thru 2016 Touring models. It replaces the OEM engine bracket and features slotted holes for the motor mount bolts and hash marks for exact alignment. The Engine Equator for Touring models also features an adjustable link for increased stability.

Halo 7” LED headlight unit

This E-approved LED headlight unit features high and low beam and halo circle for daylight running, city or parking light. It comes complete with external ballast and connector for the 3 post H4 connector, as well as the 2013-up H13-style connector. The maximum power draw is only 45 Watts and it fits most 7” headlight units, but can also be installed without a housing. The ballast measures 65mm x 32mm x 26mm, and the unit fits housings with a minimal depth of 70mm.

EU approved S&S Stealth air cleaners

These S&S Stealth air cleaner kits deliver all the performance of the S&S design, including the air directional “stinger” cone in the filter, hidden under the stock Twin Cam air cleaner cover; they are EU approved and come with the required approval documents. Sportster models can get the same performance kick, but won’t be able to use their stock covers.
Also available, stylish S&S air cleaner covers such as the Airstream – an increased airflow update of the classic S&S teardrop; several minimalistic billet covers in a choice of black or chrome that leave the air filter element and back plate exposed for a high performance look and boost as well; and the ‘Muscle’, which uses miniature hood pins similar to those that held the hoods down on the muscle cars of the late Sixties and early Seventies.
The Stealth air cleaner is designed with the back plate as a bolt-on part with minimal fasteners and assembly required. It has no shims, no breather lines, and internal hardware that is locked in place so that it can’t come loose and be ingested into the motor. Because S&S designed the stinger section of the air filter to be a separate piece from the element, replacement of the washable filter is more affordable if it ever needs to be changed.
An optional rain cover is also available; other air cleaner covers using a 5/16” central mounting bolt may fit over the S&S Stealth air cleaner. They are available for 2007 and up XL 883/1200; 103CI Dyna and Softail models with cable throttle or throttle-by-wire; 110CI Dyna and Softail models with cable throttle or throttle-by-wire.