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Tuesday, 10 January 2017


OptiMate 3 now available as a multi-bank

The OptiMate 3 charger from TecMate was originally designed in 1994, but a process of continual updating has meant that it still retains all the features that made it so popular over 20 years ago, but with all the modern features that have become available since.
Now available as a multi-bank charger, those original features include the unique maintenance mode that works on sealed AGM and GEL as well as flooded batteries and allows 24-7-365 maintenance.

Tested by Honda Motor Company, they concluded that TecMate’s inter-active charge method of 30 minutes maintenance charging alternating with 30 minutes ‘rest’ (during which time the battery continues to be monitored) is ideal for all their lead-acid batteries.
The original self-discharge test remains, checking if that battery can hold more than 50% charge; warning the rider if not. Recognizing that it could well be the vehicle itself drawing the battery down, OptiMate continues to provide charge to the battery, to prevent it from being drained completely! 

The unique professional level ability to recover a sulphated battery that won’t accept and hold charge remains a key OptiMate feature, doing so automatically without any user intervention. At the same time ‘smart circuits’ are built in to prevent this feature kicking-in if vehicle wiring is detected - completely discharged batteries have the best chance of recovery if taken off the vehicle.
For dealers who want to prepare and keep batteries fresh for sale at the counter, or for customers with multiple vehicles, the Dual bank and Quad bank models offer great features and value for money, according to TecMate. Each bank works like an independent OptiMate 3 - you can even charge series-connected batteries as the banks are electrically isolated from each other. 
OptiMate 3 features are trusted by many OEMS, including the companies that globally co-brand this model, such as Honda, Triumph, Moose Utility Division and Drag Specialties.