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Tuesday, 10 January 2017


BDL ‘Quiet Clutch’ and pressure plate upgrades

Californian manufacturer BDL recently unveiled an all new, totally enclosed primary drive that now features the company’s “revolutionary quiet clutch”. Available as a conversion or retro fit for Softail, FXR and Shovelhead models, this “exceptionally smooth and ultra-quiet new system is manufactured with Kevlar on round dog aluminum plates to significantly reduce clutch rattling. 

“A unique basket carries 12 cylindrical, replaceable clutch dogs providing silky smooth transition, enhanced longevity and unimpeded performance.” Each kit includes a polished billet aluminum pressure plate secured by 9 shoulder bolts and specially designed springs. Shipped with BDL’s “bullet proof” Kevlar belt, this easily installed kit provides “butter-smooth operation and flawless performance.” Each enclosed kit is supplied with a sealed bearing for installation in the inner primary. 

Also seen here is a pair of newly redesigned pressure plates that “noticeably improve positive feel at the lever and ensure a flawless release onto the clutch pack and enhanced lock-upAvailable as upgrades for 1990-up open belt drive kits using the standard cable system and 2014-up drives with the stock hydraulic clutch, they can be adapted to the 1990 and up BDL belt drive kits that use their previously standard pressure plates.
Upgraded plates require the use of a new diaphragm spring and two additional shoulder bolts; for those who don’t think they need the entire kit, the plates, spring and collar are available individually.