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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

AIM Corp

Variable Pressure clutch fits 2017 M-8 Tourers

A year ago, Huntington Beach, California based clutch specialist AIM Corp introduced upgrades for the Harley-Davidson A&S (Assist and Slip) 3-stud style clutch.
Now the company has confirmed that its (Variable Pressure) VP-SDR fits on 2017 Touring models without any modifications. All Harley’s 2017 Tourers are fitted with the A&S clutch as stock, and the clearance between the clutch component and the derby cover is less than on previous models.

However, said at the time of its introduction to be the first sliding lock-up system in the industry and featuring a new sliding weight design, the VP-SDR is said to fit right in.
AIM say that the centrifugal force of the sliding weights creates 105 lbs extra clamping pressure at 4000 rpm, creating up to 40% more clamping force and 120-130 lbs extra clamping pressure at high rpms, making an easier clutch pull option available - up to 30% lighter during low rpms - that handles over 105 ft-lbs of torque with AIM's softer orange springs installed, and for a street performance option it handles 120 ft-lbs torque with the OEM 2013 and up CVO springs.
With AIM's replacement performance clutch coil spring kit for 2013 and later Harley 3-stud style A&S clutches, it handles up to 155 ft-lbs torque; the performance coil springs are rated at being able to handle 360 lbs of pressure and said to be 35 percent stronger than the stock springs.
The slider weights are designed to fit behind stock 103” and 110" derby covers and easily installed, in just 10 minutes or so, through the derby cover without needing to remove the primary cover – no modifications are needed.
The kit contains the VP-SDR lock-up head and mounting hardware; performance clutch coil spring kit available separately. It fits '13 and later CVO 110 inch models, '13 and later Tri-Glides and Free Wheelers, '15  and later Ultra Limited Low and Electra Glide Classic Low models, and '15 and later 110 inch Softails.