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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

W&W Cycles

W&W Cycles – Cannonball and more


Electric start kit for ’36 – ’57 Big Twins
The almost invisible Cannonball electric start kit for rigid frame Big Twins converts classic kickstart-only models to electric start. The primary housing, oil tank and rear fender require just modest modifications to be retained; the transmission with its stock kickstarter stays untouched.
The kit includes everything needed for the conversion except for the battery, wires and starter button/switch. If the bike is still equipped with the early stock 6V charging system, this will have to be converted to 12V, which means a suitable generator, coil and lamps need to be fitted. Detailed, step-by-step instructions are included; the kit is intended for the use with primary chain drive.
W&W recommends the use of Antigravity 12-cell or 16-cell batteries – “these have enough power and perfectly fit the provided tray and clamp. The kit fits Knucklehead and Panhead Big Twins 1936 - 1957.


Hydraulic Springer brake
This Cannonball hydraulic version of the factory Springer fork brake is said to deliver better stopping power than the Duplex brake on 1936-1948 Big Twins, 1941-1957 Servi Cars and WLCs with 12mm master cylinders.
Behind the stock looking backing plate hides a master cylinder which activates the brake shoes and significantly improves the brake’s performance. The kit includes a complete, pre-installed backing plate and a new brake drum. Handlebar brake controls, brake line and fittings available separately.


Bates ‘Kill Bill’ battery switches
Terminal and thumb screw assembly which can be mounted on any suitable place on the motorcycle. It connects the battery’s ground (negative) terminal and cable with the frame. After installation you have two options: use the ‘Kill Bill’ switch like an ignition switch - half a turn out and the current is interrupted; or use it as protection from manipulation and theft by removing the thumb screw to disconnect the battery from the electrical system.

Bates MAG-12 Narrow Glide wheels
The Cannonball MAG-12 cast aluminum wheel selection was expanded recently by the addition of 2.5 x 19” versions with hubs for FX and Sportster Narrow Glide forks. For the complete selection with all details visit


Bates trim for Bendix style oval air cleaner
This contrasted billet aluminum insert with dull black machined finish will add some 1970s classic factory style to aftermarket flat surface Bendix style oval air cleaners - it mounts with the two cover screws.


Linkert venturis
Aluminum reproductions of the original Linkert venturis (as used in M-series carburetors) by Colony - also available in oversizes for worn carburetor bodies. A good venturi fit is essential for proper performance of Linkert carbs.


‘Good Guys 2’ air cleaner backing plate and cover kits
These black anodized backing plate kits are designed for Rick’s Motorcycles’ ‘Good Guys 2’ air cleaner front covers, comprising a billet aluminum backing plate, K&N filter element, engine breather fittings and all necessary small parts for installation. Fitments include Softail 2000-2015, Dyna 1999 and up, 2001-20016 Tourers, EFi Sportsters 2007 and up. The billet aluminum machined design covers also seen here can be combined with the respective ‘Good Guys 2’ backing plate and breather system. Meticulously machined from billet aluminum.