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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Bassani Xhaust

‘Road Rage’ 2-into-1 for ‘Octane’

California based manufacturer Bassani Xhaust has released an updated version of its popular ‘Road Rage’ 2-into-1 full exhaust system tuned specifically for Victory’s new ‘Octane’.

Featuring 2-into-1 equal length headers with stepped 1 ¾” to 17/8” head pipes, Bassani say they “use an advanced inner collector for maximum performance and a short or long megaphone muffler.
“Owners will find the stock exhaust on the ‘Octane’ to be mediocre in performance terms and less than satisfactory where sound is concerned – they’ll be able to feel and hear the difference with our new ‘Road Rage’ 2-into-1 system.”

The system has full coverage heat shields, a removable baffle, black billet end cap and 18mm O2 sensor bungs with 12mm adapters.