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Tuesday, 25 October 2016


Lunati ‘Voodoo’ cams and valve train accessories

In stock at Boise, Idaho based HardDrive, the specialty V-Twin aftermarket division of WPS (Western Power Sports), ‘Voodoo’ cams by Lunati are said to “deliver more area under the curve than any other series of cams for Harley engines,” according to the manufacturer.

“This means more throttle response, quicker acceleration, more vacuum and better efficiency,” with increased horsepower and torque.
Their chain drive cam kits for ’07 and up Twin Cams, ’99-’06 Twin Cams (except ’06 Dynas) and ’84-’99 Evo models (with spring kits and accessories also available) include the camshaft of choice with the matching replacement lifters recommended by Lunati, with high rpm or stock replacement type lifters also available separately. 

Valve train components by Lunati include valve springs with damper (manufactured using chrome silicon spring wire), valve spring kits (springs, steel locks and retainers and locators), and two types of hydraulic roller lifters – OEM replacement and high rpm lifters for applications of over 6,500 rpm.
Servicing the race market from Memphis headquarters in the late 1960s, the business was founded by former drag racer Joe Lunati in 1968 after working closely with Harvey Crane in the early years, testing early Crane cams while still racing.
Joe Lunati sold to Holley in the mid-1990s, who in turn sold it to an investor group composed of industry and racing veterans in 2007. The re-equipped and revitalised Lunati is now based out of Olive Branch, Mississippi.