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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

C&S Custom

Lightweight street/strip FXR swingarm

A couple of months ago we featured news about a new replacement swingarm for Dyna models by Lexington, North Carolina based C&S Custom. Seen here is a new lightweight replacement FXR swingarm for custom or racing applications.

Manufactured in-house from high performance, high tensile strength, lightweight aerospace grade 6061-T6 alloy that has a high fatigue limit and is resistant to corrosion, even when the surface is abraded.
Said to reduce unsprung weight by as much as 20 pounds, it is available in stock length and up to 6" over stock, in separate units or kits that include fasteners, wheel and chain. The units are designed for all FXRs, all years.
It can be ordered in thousands of powdercoat colors, chrome or contrast cut with grooved louvers to match popular aftermarket rims, pulleys and rotors.
"All things being equal, a lighter motorcycle will accelerate faster, stop faster and be easier to turn when changing direction, so when looking for performance, lighter is better," explained Steve Garwood, General Manager. "Our products are designed to go fast and look good doing it."