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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

V-Twin Expo review part II

MC BAGGERS: The patented no-cut, no-weld Steel Kore (previously known as EZ-ON) rake kits have proven increasingly popular as the word has spread. Having achieved TUV approval in the notoriously demanding German market, the company has introduced an ABS bearing that solves the problems of wheel size/distance travelled readings and calibrations where the wheel size has been upgraded. At V-Twin Expo the company had custom conversions on display that showcased their 23", 26" and 30" Steel Kore kits;


AVON PERFORMANCE GRIPS: Dave Kelly's Avon branded 'Kraton' rubber grips line offers solutions for all styles of handlebar and riding, including gel grips, 'Caliente' heated grips for winter, ergonomic billet grip designs, grips for Indian Motorcycle models, standard push-pull as well as ride-by-wire throttle sleeves for 2008 and up Tourers;


Lloydz Motorworkz: Distributed by Biker's Choice, the Pine Bush, New York based Victory and Indian parts specialist (also known as Hardon Horsepower) makes drivetrain and clutch parts, engine accessories, large valve performance heads and 107/114 and 109/116 inch big bore kits. Seen in AMD last year, their Precision Timing System allows for 6 degrees of retard and 8 degrees of advance timing adjustments on all '08 and up Victory models. It offers some 8 hp and 15 ft lbs of torque and complements the PCV and other fuel controllers. Lloydz' Erica Marie told AMD that "it can also be used to help eliminate pre-detonation ("pinging") on some engines, works with any combination of parts and will make timing adjustments at under 2,500 rpms." Product lines distributed for them by Biker's Choice include an air intake filter for Victory Vision models that is designed to increase intake efficiency and minimize airflow turbulence in the Vision's unique air intake design that is said to deliver almost 40 percent more air flow over the Stage 1 filter;


DTR: Here's an interesting feature for dealer and custom bike builder websites - Jacob Fraleigh's DTR is a bolt-on "build-a-bike" software tool that allows riders to pick and choose their parts and accessories to style and design the bike of their dreams - all on your own website. The "request a quote" function then sends you their list of chosen parts - the result is increased parts sales and workshop billing for dealers and increased parts sales leads for manufacturers;


SPECTRO OILS OF AMERICA: Celebrating 50 years of operation, Brookfield, Connecticut based Spectro Oils offers a full line of high-performance lubricants from stock through to high-performance, high-output engines. Products range from fully synthetic, semi-synthetic to petroleum based oils, transmission fluids and primary fluids, as well as a number of specialty oils and cleaners. The company says that each batch is formulated and blended to meet or exceed all OEM specifications and that their 'Heavy Duty' line of products is popular throughout the V-twin market. The company also has a "Golden-4" semi-synthetic 20W40 for Victory models;


K&P ENGINEERING: Specializing in high-performance stainless steel micronic oil filters since 1995, K&P's fully cleanable and reusable oil filters are unaffected by water, heat and pressure. Owner Dave Fisher uses proven technology to "deliver a superior level of filtration, with magnetic pre-filtering and high flow rate that meets or exceeds manufacturer specifications";


HAWG HALTERS INC: Mark Thompson's Dahlonega, Georgia based operation continues to grow and innovate - recent news includes enhanced Bike Build Kits, complete with Renegade wheels, Avon tires and a full range of triple tree conversion options including their popular X-23 bolt-on kit for 23 inch wheels and a full range of neck and triple tree kits for 23 to 32 installations. Check out their complete Road Glide Builders kit featuring a new adjustable fairing bracket;


BARNETT TOOL & ENGINEERING: Congratulations to Mike Taylor of Californian clutch and cables specialist Barnett - deserved winner of this year's V-Twin Expo award for a lifetime of achievement;


KHROME WERKS: The big news from the Pine Island, Minnesota based manufacturer is its acquisition by respected Lincoln, Nebraska based Tier One Harley-Davidson chroming specialist Lincoln Industries. Their Eclipse finish (a proprietary high temperature black chrome finish) proved popular at the show. A massive new products blitz is underway, featuring complete exhaust systems, slip-on mufflers, handlebars, luggage mounts, sissybars and more;


NELSON-RIGG: The Californian luggage, covers and rainwear specialist's range includes the versatile modular capacity lifetime warranty backed 'Riggpaks' range of all weather, expandable touring bags, which use their unique "Full-Nelson" mounting system;