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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

V-Twin Expo 2016 Part I

WOOD PERFORMANCE: Bob Wood's emporium of extraordinarily powerful performance parts has NHRA records and race experience aplenty behind it - check out their Daytona winning Knight Prowler cams and Alpha Series directional roller lifters incorporating the new EDM technology - a patented, pressurized oil system;


SUPERTRAPP INDUSTRIES: From the original and still hugely popular diffuser disc system tunable mufflers to 'Mega Shots', 'Super Megs' and Megaphone' series of silencers and complete systems, the range of products and brands now available from the Cleveland manufacturer includes their Kerker exhausts program, JayBrake controls and Jardine accessory ranges they bought at a time when the rest of the motorcycle parts industry thought the world of opportunity was ending!


SBS FRICTION: One of the leading high performance brake pad manufacturers, SBS of Denmark has now opened a full time US sales and technical support center near Chicago, headed up by brand manager Chris Jensen, seen here on the left. Formerly Parts & Accessories Manager at EBR, Chris brings a wealth of experience to the Harley brakes aftermarket, including time as a performance parts shop owner and performance specialist at Ohlins and Pirelli;


P3R FLYWHEELS: Making its debut at V-Twin Expo this year, the patent pending P3R Polygon H-D Twin Cam crankshaft features a heat-treated steel crankpin that has been polygon and cylindrically ground in one fixture for "absolute concentricity between the polygon pin ends and the bearing diameter with less than 0.0001 run out." The company has confirmed that "the P3R polygon flywheel can transmit three times as much torque as any other hub to cylindrical shaft assembly";


TECHNORESEARCH: Headed up by former Magneti Marelli Senior PowerTrain Controls and Software engineer Sandro Scaccia, the Technoplus line was picked-up last year by Drag Specialties. The program includes the 'Tune Builder' mapping tool, 'Direct Link' flash tuner, 'Centurion' branded Super Pro and Super Pro Plus diagnostic tool systems, and 'Maximus' Tuner - described as the "most advanced, easy-to-operate single-user flash tuning tool for all fuel injected Harley-Davidsons";


ARLEN NESS: There's another big season ahead for the iconic Californian bike builder's parts and accessory program with new parts designs aplenty, a new 10-Gauge line that includes an outer primary that is said to be "the only custom accessory of its kind on the market," and all-new lightweight 10-Gauge  floorboards. "The best way to predict trends is to create them," says Mr Ness!


THE LEATHERWORKS: Artisan leather craftsmanship doesn't come much better than Aimee Thacher's Leatherworks program of handmade-in-California luggage and 'Nickel' saddlebags;


BAD DAD: Recent new products form the Fort Wayne, Indiana Bagger parts specialist include several bolt-on fender designs, new forward controls, Bagger seats and turn-down slip-ons for hard bags;


THUNDERMAX: The ThunderMax XMS (Exhaust Matched Series) is now available for 2008 touring models with Rinehart, Bassani, D&D and Samson Exhausts, with more brands being added. Meanwhile, ThunderMax says their all new Wave Tune technology is the "most powerful, advanced and user-friendly electronic fuel management system available" - 2016 model coverage now available;


UNIVERSAL POWER GROUP: Lisa Barton, Director of Powersports at the Texas based UPG, brought their KINETIK brand AP Series high performance battery program to V-Twin Expo for the first time - from conventional lead-acid and dry charge or sealed AGM to valve regulated lead acid (VRLA-Platinum V-twin) and ultra light extreme-rate Li Fe PO4 (Phantom LFP) V-twin specific batteries, KINETIK say they have it all ... "Energy, Power and Style";