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Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Italian made organic and sintered brake pads

Italian brakes specialist Newfren has updated its brake pads programs with new compounds and applications, offering its distributors access to a comprehensive range with coverage for most popular makes and model of cruisers, street bikes and off-roaders.
Their Road Line now features a single premium R01 Sintered Race formula that Newfren say is developed for high-performance and race applications. 

Described as an "innovative sintered racing titanium technology" with a friction coefficient HH+ rating, it features a new Zirconium ceramic "NWF Pro Tech" heat shield.
The company has two lines of sintered and organic pads for street bikes - the TT Pro range, which is said to be ideal for track and road use and is recommended for the new generation of high-performance street bikes and the Touring range - specially formulated for long distance riding, they are said to offer durability, comfort and stability in dry and wet conditions.
Seen here, their 'BH' organic and 'SH' sintered pads for Harley-Davidson applications.
Founded in the 1950s by Alessandro Barbero, Newfren were innovators and early adopters of a number of new brake technologies, such as bonded friction material, gravity and high- pressure die casting, and brake shoes without rivets.
The company is still in family ownership with Valter Barbero at the helm and has just completed a 24 month, multi-million Dollar investment program in new manufacturing technology at its 65,000 sq ft facilty/100,000 sq ft site at Cirie near Turin, where they make brake pads, shoes, backing plates, clutch plates and parts and brake discs and assemblies.