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Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Optimate powered accessory modular wiring loom system

AS the established PowerSports market leader in terms of making sure riders have access to well maintained batteries, it was only logical for TecMate to turn their attention to how else that power can be used.

This layout uses a selection of Tecmate's system of fittings and cables for powered accessories to create a typical power distribution plan from the battery. The system is almost infinitely configurable, so most popular powered accessories can be used and charged.

Starting, powering riding and engine systems, lights, controls and audio all require a reliable power source, but the nature of the riding experience is maturing quickly.
Power take-off points, such as bayonet/cigarette lighter style plugs, have been the default resource on the motorcycle for everything from cell 'phones to the new generations of heated clothing for a long time.
Their disadvantages include relatively low current rating, connection stability, fixed or limited positional options and, fundamentally, incompatibility with the fittings that many modern portable devices use.  So why not reverse the thinking and use similar fittings and connections to those that now populate the most common devices that people want to be able use on-the-go?
That is exactly what TecMate has done in developing a systematic approach to delivering motorcycle-wide access to the power of that well maintained battery.
The company behind the Optimate and other leading battery maintenance and charging products has developed a modular power kit that expands with the rider’s requirements, anticipating the wide range of "current" (!) needs, as well as offering a future-proof powered accessory connection solution that can grow as the rider's requirements evolve.
The range is based around a system of cables, connectors, splitters and USB and LED accessories.
The fuse protected system offers options for connecting and charging most USB devices and includes Garmin and Apple compatible adaptors. SAE and DIN connectors and cable extenders connect to the battery via permanent leads to take power and charging options to the front and rear of the motorcycle. Accessories include a 12V LED flashlight, battery and vehicle charge system checker and voltage alert/charge-now indicator for standard/wet cell as well as sealed AGM and gel batteries.

Tecmate General Manager Emmanuel Donati told AMD that "the system is versatile and flexible enough to meet the needs of even the most power-hungry touring rider. It can run everything from heated clothing and cell phones through to GPS, audio and diagnostics"

The system's flexibility and versatility mean that a dealership POS can provide riders with a display tool that allows them to develop their own modular motorcycle accessory power system.
The range provides all the routing splitters, cable lengths, terminals and plugs needed to plan a layout that will take battery power to pretty much everywhere it could be needed in most Harley models