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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Moscow Custom & Tuning Show

Moscow Custom & Tuning Show
February 20th - 22nd

THIS year's Moscow Custom & Tuning Show is being staged at the 12th annual Moto Park Expo, the leading annual motorcycle show in Russia, at Moscow's IEC "Crocus Expo" facility.


It will again be co-joined with the Moscow Custom & Tuning Show 2015, which features an AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building affiliate custom bike show, the winners of which will be seen in competition at the next AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building.
Moto Park regularly sees some 100 exhibitors and close to 80,000 visitors. Many of the leading manufacturers are represented at Moto Park, and these have included Harley-Davidson, Polaris (Victory and Indian), Honda, Yamaha, BMW, Triumph and Peugeot.
While political and economic considerations have caused the international motorcycle parts and accessory industry to eye the opportunities in the Russian market with caution, at this time, motorcycle sales are still growing in Russia, even though that growth is slowing and is expected to flatten out in the next three years.
Having been selling in the region of 100 to 300 units a year until the past couple of years, it is thought that Harley is hoping to ship around 1,000 units to Russia this year as the company is now reported to have grown its network to some 8 dealerships, with more planned. 

Yuri Shif's World Championship 2014 entry "Terminator". Yuri has won the Moscow Custom & Tuning Show many times, most famously going on to win the Metric World Championship in 2010

In 2013 the Russian motorcycle market is said to have had total revenues of $1.4bn and to have grown by over 40 percent since 2009; however, that rate of growth is thought to have slowed, with growth set to average something in the region of 4 percent a year between now and 2018.
Estimates of annual motorcycle unit sales and of the total market size in Russia are hard to come by, and vary wildly.
However, data from the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat - suggests that annual unit sales in Russia were around 203,000 in 2010, up from around 77,000 in 2005, or thereabouts. Other sources suggest that around 70 percent of new model sales in Russia are of low-cost Chinese vehicle imports.
Russian market research specialist AutoStat ( reports that at the end of 2012 there were some 2.5 million motorcycles in total ownership/use in Russia (the 'bike park') – which is five percent of the 47.9 million total vehicles in use there; the total population of Russia is around 144 million, of which 110 million are thought to be of riding age. By way of comparison, this means that an estimated 2 percent of Russia’s riding age population have a motorcycle of some kind, whereas in 27 member states of the European Union the figure runs at something closer to 10 percent (35 million PTWs among a riding age population of approximately 380 million).