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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Motor Trike

Motor Trike celebrates 20 years

MOTOR Trike celebrated 20 years of trike conversion manufacture by holding a rally at its Troup, Texas, headquarters, which was attended by almost 700 people, including visitors from as far away as Australia. 

Visitors on the day where able to enjoy facility tours, demo rides, live music, lunch and the opportunity to meet other Motor Trike owners. Linette and Michael Douvio won a $500 cash prize for the best looking Motor Trike and Mertline Thibodeaux was awarded a $500 cash prize for the best looking Stallion trike. 

Best Motor Trike of Show - Linette and Michael Douvio (Yellow GL-1800 with Motor Trike Razor Kit)

“It was a wonderful event and everyone had a great time,” said Jeff Vey, Motor Trike President. “We will have to do it again in five years for our 25th Anniversary!”

Troup, Texas, USA
Tel: 903 842 3094