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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Motorcycle Storehouse

New additions to Motorcycle Storehouse product range

MOTORCYCLE Storehouse continues to expand the range of products it distributes throughout Europe with the introduction of Arlen Ness ‘KO’ raked triple trees. The new triple trees have been designed to be used on Bagger models where the owner wants to run a larger diameter front wheel. Versions of the trees are available with seven degrees of rake for use with 23in (7in trail) or 21in (6-1/8in trail) wheels, or 11 degrees for use with 21in (4-1/2in trail), 23in (5-1/4in trail) or 26in (6in trail) wheels. Both rakes of triple tree are available to work with ‘97-‘13 Touring models, with 41mm forks, while for 2014 Touring models equipped with 49mm forks only the seven-degree option is available.

Arlen Ness raked triple trees are available in seven-degree and 11-degree options

Motogadget’s original M-Blaze LED turn signals, available through Motorcycle Storehouse, are German made units, which are designed to fit in the ends of handlebars, giving a truly custom look thanks to the combination of LEDs and clear transparent, reflecting glass-like material.
The flat M-Blaze Disc, with 7W power LED, is a variation on that design, which is also being made available through Motorcycle Storehouse. Once again, they are designed to be used inside handlebars with an internal diameter of 14mm to 21mm, which includes all regular 7/8in and 1in ‘bars. 

The Motogadget M-Blaze Disc is an update of the original M-Blaze LED turn signal

The M-Blaze Ice is a regular replacement turn signal with an 8mm threaded stud

The latest addition to the Motogadget range is M-Blaze Ice, with 3W power LEDs, designed as a regular replacement turn signal, it comes with an 8mm threaded stud. The LEDS are used with Motogadget’s 'Special 180-degree Lighting Effect' to give a clear, safe and functional EC approved turn signal system. The M-Blaze Ice is available in polished or black anodized aluminum and supplied complete with 1m of wiring pre-installed. 

The tire pressure monitor alerts riders to changes in tire pressure in real time

New electronic options available from Motorcycle Storehouse continue with the tire pressure monitoring system that is now available, which monitors tire pressure in real time. The kit includes an LCD monitor and two valve cap sensors, comes with PSI/BAR indication and allows user pre-set values. It gives an audible/vibration alert when tire pressure rises or drops below the user set level.

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