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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Rivera Primo

Phase 2 HedLED 7in headlamp

RIVERA Primo is continuing its expansion of its lighting product range with the launch of its Phase 2 HedLED 7in headlamp.

When the first stages of the design process began for the Phase 2, Rivera Primo set out to create a 7in headlamp that looked more normal, and not like the majority of all LED lights currently available. In order to achieve this, the Phase 2 uses a glass lens. In addition it draws less current then an incandescent lamp, so it can be used with either an older charging system or a new high output system.
The Phase 2 HedLED 7in headlight not only has hi/lo beams, but also incorporates LED turn signals and is DOT and EU compliant.

Whittier, California, USA
Tel: 562 907 2600