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Monday 6 June 2022

Motorcycle Storehouse

Vance & Hines Exhausts - Modified for Europe by Thorcat

German exhaust manufacturer Thorcat (see AMD November 2021) is an exhaust retrofit specialist who can take exhausts that lack Euro compliance and bring them up-to-date for street legal sale - an especially valuable service for product that is non-compliant when made or made when the older Euro standards were in force.

Motorcycle Storehouse is the latest European vendor to work with Thorcat, bringing original Vance & Hines exhaust systems (that have not been modified) into compliance by replacing the original baffle with a Thorcat EC/ABE approved cartridge baffle, and in some cases adding a catalytic converter too.
These changes result in a uniquely deep, urban-friendly sounding exhaust system that is EC and ABE approved. "With a Thorcat you get the excellent manufacturing quality of Vance & Hines and great sound - safe in the knowledge that your exhaust is legal throughout the European Union."
For Euro 1 and 2 systems, the original Vance & Hines baffle is replaced by a Thorcat EC approved cartridge baffle. For Euro 3 and 4 systems, the baffle is replaced and a catalytic converter is also added.
In order to meet the regulations, the cartridge baffles and catalytic converters are welded in place and are non-removable.
Motorcycle Storehouse has a wide range of fitments available, including for '90-'20 Sportster, '91-'17 Dyna, '86-'20 Softail and '95-'20 Touring models.
In addition to being converted for EC and ABE approval, the original Vance & Hines branding is retained (engraved logos/badges) and they feature full coverage heat shields - manufactured in the USA and modified in Germany.