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Wednesday 22 June 2022

Larry Goodman

Larry Goodman

Our thanks to Metalsport's Lizette Hotinger (former Easyrider Magazine Ad Sales Director and All American Wheel executive) for sad news of the passing of motorcycle wheel industry giant Larry Goodman, aged 83.
In 1969 Larry Goodman opened Carman Tool and Abrasives. "If you needed a special tool, he had it. Shops from all over the USA would go to Carman Tool. He always seemed to have the knack of introducing new product that was beneficial to many industries. 

Larry K. Goodman, All American Wheel Company, 1939 - 2022

"He was a salesman extraordinaire, and in the late 1980s, he met an entrepreneur named Gene Haas, who had CNC machines to sell. Larry's new company, ACT/Coleman represented the Haas Wheel CNC machines. Larry knew that this would be a machine every shop would want.
"He offered to sell them, install them and service them for over twenty years. He was a motorcycle enthusiast and believed in supporting companies that sold USA-made products. In 1997 he approached the leading automotive wheel manufacturer and convinced them to manufacture motorcycle wheel blanks for him.
"In 1998, forged aluminum motorcycle wheels were introduced along with his new company, All American Wheel. For more than twenty years, he offered both aluminum forged and cast wheels to the aftermarket wheel companies.
"With the closure of the automotive wheel company in mid-2017, Larry decided it was time to slow down and enjoy life. In 2018, he closed the doors of All American Wheel leaving a void in the supply chain. MSI made the choice to distribute USA made forged aluminum wheel blanks to fill this void.
"Larry was a pioneer, a risk taker, an avid motorcyclist, a husband, father and grandfather. Rest in Peace."