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Monday 6 June 2022


Scorpion Billet Clutch Basket

Available for 2007-22 H-D Big Twins, Barnett's Scorpion clutch basket is a "bolt-on" replacement for "chewed up, worn out or just plain tired and gnarly stock clutches that done the miles, paid their dues, but ready for retirement!"


"This billet basket is the highest quality and most cost-effective stock replacement available. Precision-machined from tough 2024-T3 billet aluminum and hard anodized, this basket is superior in quality and durability to the stock basket.
"To install, simply remove the stock basket from the ring gear/primary sprocket and bolt on the new Barnett Scorpion basket. All hardware and instructions are included, and, like all Barnett products, it is proudly made in the USA."