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Tuesday 14 June 2022


Mini 4 Infrared Temperature Meter

The KOSO Mini 4 IFR infrared temperature meter can be used to monitor critical temperature readings such as tire surfaces, brake, shock absorber and transmission temperatures and a range of other critical components.

It monitors temperatures with the help of the supplied sensor and, by way of an example, knowing what temperature the tires are running at, how the riding style, speed and surface could be affecting tire and changing tire temperature, and being able to monitor how the temperature changes as the miles are added, could contribute to improved tire wear and safety.
Similarly with brake friction and pad wear and a range of other heat-sensitive critical functions.
The sensor features a 10-degree field of view and measures temperatures up to 390 degrees C (735 degrees F). The Mini 4 IFR can also be used as voltmeter and features a dimmable back light and programmable warning light.