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Tuesday 23 March 2021

Zodiac International

Zodiac International Additions

Rick's 'Good Guys' Design Air Cleaners


Baden-Baden, Germany based Rick's Motorcycles' 'Good Guys' design air cleaner is made in Germany and features "precision, durable construction with a contemporary look. The housing and base plate are milled out of billet aluminum CNC and feature an integrated engine ventilation that leads the oil back into the intake passage, preventing uncontrolled oil leakage from the air cleaner body.
The air cleaner features integrated noise reduction, which is not visible from the outside. The noise reduction can be removed to optimize performance (but that will void the TÜV approval) and the K&N filter element and clever flow optimization in the air cleaner meet the highest requirements." TÜV approval is available for the Rick's air cleaner in combination with original exhaust systems and some adjustable aftermarket exhausts.
They are available for 1993-2000 Evolution Big Twins, 2007 to present Sportsters, 2016-2017 110 ci Softails, 2008-2016 Touring and 2016-2017 96 ci and 103 ci Softails, 2017 to present M-8, 2018 to present 107 ci M-8 Softails and 2018 to present 114 ci M-8 Softails. Design options in black bicolor, black or both include 'Good Guys', 'Apollo Five', 'Bandit', 'H.Lector', 'Rodder', 'Seven Sins' and 'Spoke'.

DK Custom - Rocker Lockers

This is the cure for that Harley top end tapping that everyone has been looking for. Rocker Lockers do exactly what the name implies - they lock the rocker shafts and get rid of the annoying tapping sound that so many Harley owners experience. They also center the rocker plate so that it is always located in the same position, eliminating different wear patterns on the rocker arm and valve and provide a better alignment of the pushrod in the holes.
They are easy to install with the included Teflon centering tool and come complete with step-by-step installation instructions. They fit all 1986-2006 Sportsters, all 2007 to present Sportsters, all 1984-2000 Evolution Big Twins and all 1999-2017 Twin Cams - with either OEM or aftermarket rocker arm supports (seen here).

ODI Fusion Alloy Throttle Sleeve for Indian

These durable, hard anodized black throttle sleeves feature an integrated Teflon sleeve for improved throttle pull and return. They fit 2018 to present Indian Challenger, Chief, Chieftain, Roadmaster and Springfield models.

ODI Hart-Luck Signature Full-Waffle Slip-On Grips

Slim Moto design in 1" diameter for Indian, Victory and all H-D models, except XG Street. The medium-compound, full-waffle pattern reduces vibration. The durable, heavy knurled base pattern provides improved traction and control. They are made out of genuine proprietary materials which provide excellent comfort and durability and are available in black, graphite, brown, dark red and dark blue.