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Tuesday 2 March 2021

Motor Bike Expo Verona

Motor Bike Expo Verona, Postponed to May, New Format

The organizers of Motor Bike Expo (the 'Verona' show, Italy) have postponed its planned Easter date - which was itself a postponement from the usual January 2021 timing - and announced instead that they are "working on a new formula for an extraordinary edition, where the motorcyclist will be even more protagonist."

The new dates for MBE 2021 are Friday 28 to Sunday 30 May at Veronafiere, with a renewed format that moves the event away from dependence on mid-winter static displays to combining it with live action - "engines running, motorcycles in motion and the development of outdoor activities with itineraries, demo rides and competitive activities."
The show will maintain its opportunities for motorcycle, accessories and apparel vendors, and in addition to products and its customary role as a place where enthusiasts and the service providers dedicated to their needs meet (such as tour operators, motorcycle clubs, track initiatives, off-road itineraries, accommodation facilities), the show will follow the trend seen at other expos in Italy, such as EICMA and Biker Fest, by taking advantage of the late May timing to supercharge the offer with boosted action and activity elements.
"Our focus is concentrated on the possibility of restarting with a functional event for all the actors involved," said Francesco Agnoletto, founder and CEO of MBE. "We want to create this 'new MBE 21' with the contribution of all the protagonists of the two-wheeler sector, who, after MBE 2020, have no longer had the opportunity to meet in an international professional context.

"At this time, we are obliged to continuously monitor the situation - the need is to make the best decisions for the protection of our companies and professionals. We make use of a partner such as Veronafiere, who has invested to enhance all safety standards and protocols to protect the health of exhibitors and visitors."

Paola Somma, founder and Marketing and Sales Manager of MBE, went on to say: "We have decided to create a special formula that allows us to make a date at the end of May for a completely dynamic edition, with even more energy and the desire to meet safely. Many realities have worked hard to create virtual events on digital platforms, but that of motorcycles is a world made up of passion and emotions that only live experiences can give - our role will be to be the flywheel from which to rekindle those emotions."
One of the cornerstones of the new iteration of MBE will be the demo rides and the increase of all the outdoor activities that will surround the static display. Plus, unlike a winter event, enthusiasts will be able to reach the fair more easily by motorbike and on arrival they will find motorcycle- specific parking inside the exhibition center with a gear-friendly cloakroom. An additional feature will be a shipping center to allow them to send themselves any products they purchase at the fair.