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Tuesday 2 March 2021

Drag Specialties

Air-Cooled M-8 Oil Pump

This Drag Specialties branded oil pump for air-cooled M-8 models (2017 and up) is said to help to reduce oil carryover during high rpm operation - the higher column helps reduce engine and oil temperatures.

It has 53 mm diameter rotors for maximum performance and is said to deliver a 20% oil pressure gain, 125% increase in pressure volume and 135% increase in scavenger volume over OEM stock pumps (16% oil pressure gain, 66% increase in pressure volume and 100% scavenge volume increase over OEM stock TC96/103 oil pumps).
It has a high-quality die-cast aluminum body construction and high-strength steel gear construction and fits both stock and aftermarket cam support plates "for seamless installation."