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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Motus Motorcycles

Motus Motorcycles’ dealer network expands

Respected Birmingham, Alabama based American V-4-powered sport tourer manufacturer Motus has announced the addition of two more dealers to its network of dedicated specialists.
Thousand Oaks, California based O’Gara Coach d/b/a Motus Westlake was appointed as an authorized Motus dealer. Like all Motus dealers, Motus Westlake and Brookfield, Connecticut based Remington Family Cycles d/b/a Brookfield Motus, are the latest to join what is emerging as a “carefully selected, high-caliber network of dealerships that are committed to providing an excellent customer experience with every sale.”
Founded by company President Lee Conn and business partner and designer Brian Case in 2008, Motus manufactures “sport bikes with accommodations for touring that are designed to excel in performance, comfort and range. All Motus motorcycles - the MST and premium MSTR - are powered by mighty V4 Baby Block engines, combining high performance with low maintenance and a unique character that expresses the evolving heritage of the American motoring experience,” according to Lee Conn. 

“Motus partners with existing, high quality dealerships known for superior service and a premium product mix. Each dealership has factory trained and certified technicians to service the full range of Motus motorcycles and American V4 Baby Block engines.”
Motus Westlake “offers superior customer service with a professional team to support valued customers. They pride themselves on having well-trained experts that strive for customer satisfaction. Motus Westlake has received their first shipment of Motus motorcycles, the world’s fastest production pushrod motorcycles.”
Motus Westlake is operated by the O’Gara Coach Company – one of the top luxury automobile dealers in the United States. Currently with three locations in Southern California - Beverly Hills, La Jolla and Westlake Village - they sell top brands such as Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini, Aston-Martin, McClaren, Bugatti, Maserati, Alfa Romeo and Ducati.

Brookfield Motus is an Indian Motorcycle dealership for whom “our bikes will be perfect for the roads throughout Connecticut and Eastern New York,” said John Alexander, Sales Manager North East for Motus Motorcycles. “Connecticut and the bordering counties of New York are important markets for Motus and we are proud to have such high-quality representation in the Brookfield area."
Eric Gaulin, General Manager, Brookfield Motus, said: "As a premium American motorcycle dealership in one of the larger New England motorcycle markets in the US, we are proud to represent Motus and their incredible motorcycles as a fully stocking dealer in the Brookfield/Danbury area. Motus is a great fit for many of our clients and we are already taking deposits on our first MSTs".