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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Khrome Werks

Two-step 4 1/2” 2:1 Full Systems for 2017-18 Tourers

Pine Island, Minnesota based Khrome Werks has new two-step header 2-into-1 full system options with 4 1/2” mufflers in highly polished nickel chrome, high temperature proprietary black, or their award-winning advanced ‘Eclipse’ proprietary “black chrome” finish for 2017-’18 Touring models.

Two-step header 2-into-1 full system for ‘17-‘18 tourers in chrome, black or
Khrome Werks’ proprietary ‘Eclipse’ black-chrome finish

‘Eclipse’ is a process that incorporates multi-step polish to create a smooth surface, a multi-pass cleaning treatment, and three layers of nickel plating for improved adhesion and corrosion resistance. Finally, they apply a layer of their proprietary high-temperature black chrome.
Sales Manager Chris Reid says that “we are known for our quality and seamless fit, flawless finish and our advanced performance and manufacturing technology and have been for more than 35 years. Khrome Werks exhausts have always been known to deliver real increases in horsepower and torque where it is really needed in the rev range.
“Our 2-into-1 full systems for tourers make a difference that riders notice – real and usable horsepower and torque improvements over the stock systems and with a quality of durable finish that is unmatched.”
Made in 16-gauge steel with 2 ½ inch diameter 16-gauge 220-degree coverage heat shields, the headers step from 1 3/4 to 1 7/8 to 2 inches with a 2 1/2” collector. They feature improved performance, reduced heat and a “distinctive Khrome Werks sound” thanks to their advanced acoustic packing materials, and they are available slash-cut or with billet end caps.
The 4 1/2” HP-Plus muffler has a 2 1/2” inlet and 2 1/2” high flow absorptive baffle with 3-inch reverse cone outlet to maximize torque. They have durable combination stainless steel and high temperature fiberglass baffle wrap, mount with a supplied OEM style muffler clamp and spherical port caps to ensure sealing with 18 mm and 12 mm O2 bungs.